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A Grown Up’s Guide to Worry Stacking (and how to help kids kick it!)
Emotional Intelligence
Justin Coulson

A Grown Up’s Guide to Worry Stacking (and how to help kids kick it!)

Have you ever seen a child or teenager lose it over something seemingly tiny?

Having to switch off their screen…

Not having the “right” pencil case…

Another child breathing in their direction…

We’ve all been there!

In the moment, their behaviour may have seemed over the top, but their anxious response may not be as excessive as you think. This is due to the very real result of

Over time, anxiety from minor worries and concerns can accumulate. This compounding effect results in an overwhelming sense of anxiety or stress that is more akin to an emergency. A lost school hat can quite literally feel like life or death.

By learning how to effectively manage each worry as it arises, our kids can keep the stack from growing too high and maintain a sense of control over their anxiety. This is essentially like hitting the “reset” button on their nervous system.

“But how do we push the reset button?!”

Get this FREE ‘Grown Up’s Guide to Worry Stacking’ to find out!

“This is so great! Can I share this amazing resource?”

Please do! Forward this on to your principal, colleagues—you can even attach it to your school newsletter! We want to equip as many families as we can with skills to build mental health resilience.

Want more?

I have an unmissable webinar coming up on Tuesday, 27 February 2024 where we’ll go deep into all things related to youth mental health.

Breaking Point

Unpacking the Crisis in Youth Mental Health

Tuesday 27 February 2024 | 7pm AEST, 8pm AEDT

This session, designed for parents as well as educators, is only available through purchase of a whole-school access licence.


Whole-school access for just $660 (incl. gst) or included in the

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Justin Coulson

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia's most trusted parenting experts and authors and holds a PhD in Psychology. He is the founder of Happy Families (a website of parenting resources and advice) as well as the co-host and parenting expert on Channel Nine's Parental Guidance.

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